Daring Pigeons EP

by Companyun

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laptop/bedroom recordings by Cindy Bugiak


released June 3, 2011



all rights reserved


Companyun Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: Daring Pigeons
Daring pigeons on the road
looking down for treats unknown
will they fly, fly, before they're caught
in a mechanical monsters killing spot?

Every time I do not know
heart keeps still
sad visions shown

When will these daring pigeons get their fill?

My heart is holding beats
I'm waiting still
Track Name: Fire & Eggs
He's been building it up
just to torch it now
And I'm panning for gold in the ashes

I've been counting my eggs
for so many days
you can put them in a basket
and smash them

Smash them for the heck of it
(there's something better yet)

Smash them because they're delicate
(there's something better yet)

Beat the dull with the desire
flames, fever, fire
I get sick to my stomach
and stick out my name
it dangling drenched in perspire

The next day seems better than ever before
my eggs will seem so much rounder
my stomach too, will have disappeared
and me & my eggs won't even care

Fire & Eggs
my eggs are your fire in a more feminine way
Fire & Eggs
put my eggs in your fire for a gradual change
put my eggs in your fire
Track Name: Open Door
Now that I have opened the door
I can't control the temperature
the untamed wind keeps blowing in
& I'm victim to its whim

Now that I have opened the door
I just wish to be out there
but the time's not right
the sun still lies
I'm still waiting through the night

I must do all I can
Organizing furniture
& washing my windows
my peepholes

This wind, it tickles me
it ties me up into a frenzy
then it leaves me cold & naked
just wanting more
Track Name: Spinning Wheel
Somethings are just too boo-t-ful to keep after